Case 260Hump Reduction, Rhinoplasty

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Case 260

Our lovely patient wanted the bump removed and a gentle curve created. She felt her tip was hanging and wanted it rotated slightly upwards. She didn’t like how wide the base of her nose became when she smiled. After her first consultation she waited over a year and then returned for a second consultation before deciding to proceed to surgery.

After surgery one can see her tip is narrower, the bump is gone, instead of rotating only her tip the hanging part of her columella was also raised to create a more pleasing look. Her external scar is barely even visible. As she has thicker than ideal skin, this was a fortunate outcome. Nothing was done to narrow the base of her nose. Given her skin quality, the incisions needed on the sides of her nose would have had a high risk of being noticeable. Therefore it was agreed to wait and if she felt it was absolutely necessary, then at a later date the base of nose narrowing could be gone as a minor procedure under local anesthetic for a minimal fee.

Before and after photos belonging to Dr. Oakley Smith, a well-known Facial Plastic surgeon based in Toronto.

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