Case 311Hump Reduction, Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty – Case 311

Our lady had difficulty breathing from her left nostril. In addition she disliked the droop of her tip, the wide tip, and her bump. The degree of definition of her tip was raised at the time of her consultation. The probability of achieve each of these improvement were gone over in detail. At surgery her tip cartilages were found to be weak and this explained how her tip had drooped over time. Cartilage taken from deep inside her nose from the deviated part was used to strengthen the tip and prevent it from fall in the future. Because of the thick skin, a lot of time was spend on creating strong cartilages so her skin would bend at her tip and create a pleasing definition to it. The slight twist of her nose was improved by pulling her deviated septum over and suturing it in the midline. The end result is a significant improvement given the degree of skin thickness.

Before and After photos of rhinoplasty surgery by Dr. Oakley Smith

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