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Bump Reduction | Case 238

A female in her twenties from the greater Toronto area wanted her bump removed, her nose made overall smaller, her tip narrowed and her side walls smooth. As she had great skin for rhinoplasty, the probabilities in meeting her expectations were all high. The one exception was the overall reduction in size as she desired as small a nose as possible.

Pre-operatively, Dr Oakley Smith felt a de-projection of four millimeters likely had a 70% chance of success. Her nasal breathing was normal, therefore she was informed of the one percent chance of her surgery unfortunately causing impaired breathing afterwards. This most often happens due to pinching of the sides of the nasal tip as a result of narrowing it. Unfortunately it can be quite difficult to repair.

The majority of the goals were met. Her tip is now narrowed, the side walls of her bridge are smooth, her bump was replaced with a slight and subtle curve. However, only three millimeters of deprojection, instead of four, was obtained. At the time of surgery, Dr Oakley Smith felt further deprojection would have left her with an over weakened framework and although her nose would have likely been better, over the years there would have been increased risk of slow twisting, bending and collapsing. Michael Jackson is the poster child of this complication of rhinoplasty.

Before and after rhinoplasty photos of a Toronto patient of Dr Oakley Smith, a recognized expert in Facial Plastic surgery and a leading rhinoplasty surgeon.

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