Life After Rhinoplasty - Ontario Canada Rhinoplasty

Did you know that while traveling on open water, a tidal wave only adds about two inches of extra height to the surface? Many sailors have pasted over what would eventually crash onto shore with a force that can level a city with little or no clue as to what was underneath them.

Plastic surgery of any kind is a serious decision. There are a lot of factors that must be carefully weighed, and you and your doctor have to plan things out going forward. The

prospect of making a personal positive change in your life and life after rhinoplasty is a must for our own self-care and emotional well-being. Whether you’ve deciding to change your diet, quitting a bothersome habit, or implement a procedure to help encourage confidence and esteem, understanding that outward transformations can also cause an emotional change. Insight into the psyche behind our need to feel better about ourselves will be pivotal in helping you make that decision.

For many, the idea behind a physical body change is not merely about the enhancement of the physical appearance. It’s about taking control of life and the way we interact with our surroundings. A procedure such as a Rhinoplasty isn’t about the outside of the body; it’s about changing how you feel about yourself from within. Because of this, many are often surprised after the procedure, by the array of different feelings they may experience. Often, these are just a normal part of the adjustment process, hence, life after rhinoplasty.

It is not unusual for some patents to experience a period after the surgery of feeling gloomy and unsure. Often about this time, the patient is still in the recovery process, and the results of the procedure may not be noticeable. During this time, the body is still recovering and may exhibit swelling or bruising for several weeks.[1] This will subside in time and soon enough you will be able to see the new you.

Another facet of how a potential procedure may change your life, is the understanding should you choose to undergo Rhinoplasty does not mean that you are vain, or any other disparaging factor that some assume bedfellow any kind of elective surgery. Most people who decide that a medically assisted transformation are healthy and stable, who understand that changing an aspect of their physical appearance is geared more towards improving the inner self. Rather than focusing on a incommodious trait of their body – in this case their nose, a procedure may help increase their perceived quality of life. Very rarely does it have anything to do with concern for how others perceive them.[2] You will still be you, regardless of your change in outward appearance.

Finally, a positive change in your mental health usually results in a positive change in your life overall. You may find that you are more outgoing, more desirous to be active and engage in pleasurable pursuits. Improving self esteem has also been linked to enhanced workplace performance, increased social activity and an overall positive outlook on life. While it may seem that a change to the physical appearance would have only minor effects, the changes that occur inside are far more impactful and rewarding than simply the nose on our face. [3] Indeed what to some may seem like only a few extra inches of water on the outside, may move mountains beneath the surface.




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