When rhinoplasty is done well, the results are subtle and transform a person’s beauty. Not just anyone surgeon is capable of performing rhinoplasty at this level, so it’s important to do your research in advance.

Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Looking at Credentials

Doctors have to undergo a great deal of training in order to work in plastic surgery, so be sure that the doctor is board certified. You can often check the doctor’s educational background on the clinic’s website under the section containing the bios of the surgeons performing operations at a clinic. In particular, key credentials include:

  • The FRCSC, as licensed by the Royal College of Surgeons
  • The ABFPRS, which is a certification specifically for facial plastic surgeons
  • In place of the ABFPRS, the rhinoplasty surgeon may also have a otolaryngology, which specializes in ear, nose, and throat surgery

Some doctors have even obtained all 3, which guarantees a lot of training and experience. Of course, the more experience a doctor has, the better the chances that your procedure will yield the nose that you’re looking for.

Having a portfolio of past work

A portfolio is a showcase of a surgeon’s best work, so it’s a bad sign if your surgeon doesn’t have one or is unwilling to disclose such information. Not only is a thick portfolio of work evidence of experience performing rhinoplasties, you can also examine the types of issues that previous clients experienced and how your doctor was able to correct the issues.

Finding a previous patient with a similar shaped nose as yours gives you some idea of how your surgeon may decide to help you. To see the doctor’s portfolio, either visit the office’s website or ask for it when visiting the office.

Feeling comfortable with your doctor

In order to test how well you connect with your surgeon, you should speak to them in person. You should look for these signs in particular:

  • How well they’re able to field your technical questions about the rhinoplasty — they should make you feel confident by the time you leave the office
  • If they’re good at listening because communication will be key when it comes to conveying what you’re looking for in the outcome of the procedure

A preliminary examination of the website should narrow down the pool of potential candidates. It’s important to visit the surgeon in person before making your decision to see how you feel about your doctor.

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