Reasons For Getting A Nose Job

We all have that little something about our face that we wish we could change. It could be wrinkles, that double chin we inherited from our mother, or droopy eyelids. If it happens to be the nose, you might be surprised to learn that a nose job is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures.

Once someone makes the decision to have a nose job, finding the best cosmetic nose job specialist should be first on the list.

What are some common reasons for getting a nose job?

Repair Damage After An Injury

The nose is the most prominent feature on our face, so injury to the nose and face is not uncommon. Damage could be from a car accident, a fall while skiing or from playing rough and tumble sports. Once your nose is broken or displaced, it can be fixed with rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a nose job. It should be performed shortly after the injury and before the bones settle into place.

It is common to also alter the aesthetics while repairing the damage. The best cosmetic nose job will improve the overall function and appearance.

Medical Reasons

Many nose jobs are performed for medical reasons. Nasal obstructions, like a deviated septum, can make breathing uncomfortable and difficult. Many people are born with deviated septums and have no idea what it’s like to breathe freely out of both nostrils. A deviated septum can create sinus problems, allergies, severe sinus headaches, and obstructive sleep apnea.

A functional rhinoplasty can alleviate or eliminate all these issues. With functional cases, the surgery only fixes internal issues. Once corrected, a patient will breathe better, feel better, and be healthier overall.

Revision To A Previous Surgery

Sometimes patients are not pleased with results from a previous surgery performed by another surgeon. At Dr. Oakley Smith we are here to help. We will review the earlier surgical results and consult with you about any possible improvements and revisions.

Cosmetic Reasons

Every time we look in the mirror we see our face, and of course, our nose. If we think it’s too big, too small, has a bump, is too wide or too pointed, we wish it was possible to fix what bothers us. To some their noses look to be off centre and do not appear symmetrical.

There are countless reasons why a patient wants to change their nose to improve their appearance. In order to get a successful result it is crucial to search for the best cosmetic nose job specialist you can find.

Self-esteem and confidence are closely related to how we look, and how we think we look. Our culture worships youth and vitality, and beauty is often defined by our body and our faces. The best cosmetic nose job will reduce a large nose, smooth a bumpy one and straighten a crooked one so we can face the world with a new confident outlook.

Enhancing both your social and professional relationships is priceless!

The best cosmetic nose job starts with a consultation at the office of Dr. Oakley Smith.

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