The reasons for seeking out rhinoplasty are varied and numerous because everybody’s noses are different.

Change A Nose Tip’s Shape

There is no “right” or “wrong” nose, despite how you may view yours in comparison to others. In fact, it’s common for two people to have very similarly shaped noses and still maintain different opinions about them. One person might be dissatisfied with the width of the bridge, while the other might not like the tip of their nose. As such, there are a multitude of rhinoplasty techniques that can be utilised depending on what the patient desires.

A frequently asked question by those considering rhinoplasty is, “Can you do anything to change the tip of my nose?”

The tip of the nose
In short, the answer the aforementioned questions is, “Yes.” There are various types of procedures that can be done on various parts of the nose. It is not an all or nothing proposition.

Just because you might not like the tip of your nose does not mean you must have a full-on rhinoplasty surgery that requires the resetting of the bridge of the nose. There are many options that alter just the tip of the nose that are available to you.

Round, bulbous tips

Many people are dissatisfied with the shape of the tip of their nose. One common complaint is that their tip is too round, almost ball-like. If you have this lament, you’ll likely be a good candidate for a common procedure that reshapes and removes the excess cartilage in the tip that is causing the roundness. It is a routine request and a commonly performed maneuver.

Drooping nose tips

Another type of nose tip that some people find displeasing is one that droops. Having such a displeasing feature is difficult enough, but when it’s in such a prominent area of the body, it’s understandable why it causes people to be self-conscious or displeased with its appearance.

For a drooping nose tip, the tip can be slightly elevated or rotated. Although the change is minor, it makes a major difference in the overall appearance of the nose, as well as the face as a whole. The degree of rotation can and should be slightly higher in women than in men, but not so high as the nostrils become too prominent.

As is the case with all body parts, everybody’s nose is different. To learn more about the options available to you, book a consultation with Dr. Oakley Smith today!

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