Correcting the features of your nose can dramatically alter your look. That’s why the rhinoplasty procedure has become one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments by patients today.

Reshaping Your Nostrils

A rhinoplasty provides many benefits while correcting numerous features of your nose. But you may be wondering if you can reshape your nostrils when undergoing a rhinoplasty.

Wide and narrow nostrils are a common concern among patients. The following will help you understand how you can reshape your nostrils through a rhinoplasty and achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Understanding the Rhinoplasty Procedure

A rhinoplasty is used to correct the appearance and function of the nose. It can modify the size and shape while helping improve the breathing of some patients who have pre-existing issues.

Some of the most common reasons patients have for undergoing the procedure include correcting a crooked nose, reshaping the tip, or narrowing the bridge. Patients can also have their nostrils reshaped by either widening or narrowing them.

The incisions made during the procedure are easily concealed and any scarring that occurs is minimal.

Nostril Reshaping

Correcting the shape of the nostrils during a rhinoplasty is often one of the most difficult parts of the procedure. It’s essential that your doctor makes sure that both nostrils match after being corrected.

Patients who request that their nostrils be reshaped are concerned with wide or flared nostrils. Others have nostrils that may be too narrow. Notches and overhangs that affect the superior border are other common concerns among patients.

When correcting a wide nostril, the tissue is removed from the posterior aspect or the nasal floor. Some patients may only require a suture to help cinch the nostrils and move them closer to the midline of the nose.

Narrow nostrils can be corrected using a cartilaginous strut that is placed along the nostril margin. This helps create a wider opening. If a patient has airways that are restricted, the doctor may rotate a flap of tissue in order to help enlarge the opening.

Is Nostril Reshaping Right for You?

Nostril reshaping can be performed for cosmetic or medical reasons. Structural issues due to development or trauma can cause problems related to breathing while other patients simply want to enhance the look of their noses.

In order to undergo a rhinoplasty and nose reshaping procedure, you should be in good health and consult with your doctor on what to expect from the procedure and recovery period.

If your nostrils are excessively wide or narrow, or your nose is crooked, you’re likely an ideal candidate for the procedure. Asymmetry resulting from previous damage is another common feature that qualifies you for a reshaping procedure.

If you’ve had chronic breathing issues related to the shape and structure of your nose, then you can benefit from a nostril shaping procedure.

Understanding how nostril reshaping is done helps you prepare for your procedure. Your doctor will provide all of the information you need to achieve the results you’re looking for. Correcting the shape of your nose improves function and provides significant aesthetic benefits for a lifetime.

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