If you have ever expressed or felt concern that your procedure might not always look as remarkable as it does now, you probably considered this question. How does age affect the results of your investment? While it is true, as you age, so will your nose, regardless of any procedures or enhancements, but there are many factors to consider before becoming concerned that your surgery may lose its value.

An important aspect to consider is not whether the results of the surgery will change. While aging will certainly change your appearance over time, it is due to the effects of Mother Nature. The results of the surgery it self will not change, but you will. As with any other part of your body, things are going to change. The key consideration is how well the surgical enhancements will age as the rest of you does. The best way to assure that you continue to see favorable results through the life of the surgery is to select a competent, experienced surgeon who has years of completed surgeries.1

A properly performed rhinoplasty should age gracefully as you do, retaining a natural and attractive appearance. Your rhinoplasty will continue to change over the course of your lifetime. The effects of aging can still be seen in the skin. Those who are concerned with the affects of aging and plastic surgery must understand that the goal of plastic surgery is to create a harmony and balance of the face that looks natural and attractive, fostering a better self-image and perception.

Doctors have also suggested that age may actually be a benefit to those seeking rhinoplasty. Maturity plays a large part in the success of a rhinoplasty. When a doctor analyses the success of a surgery based off of client satisfaction rather than the defiance of age. Knowing what it is you want out of a surgery, indicative of age and maturity, will greatly benefit the success of the rhinoplasty.[2]

While we can never defeat Mother Nature and the eventuality that we are all going to be humbled with age, the greatest victory lies in walking through it with poise and gracefulness. Use the opportunity to undergo a self-improvement procedure as a way to improve the quality of life, not try to prevent it from moving forward.

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