The most common reasoning behind receiving plastic surgery is to correct what is deemed as bodily defect. Aging is bar-none one of the biggest culprits. While there many ways that we can battle an enviably undefeatable foe, there are ways we can certainly delay it. While most tend to focus of parts of the body and face through various treatments and procedures, nose jobs aren’t typically seen as a cure for aging, rather just an aesthetic enhancement. The truth is, your nose ages just like any other part of your body, and can affect your appearance just as much as any other part.

As we age, our nose will actually continue to grow. The structural makeup of our nose will cause it to change in size and shape. In short, even if we were happy with our nose in our youth there is a very good chance that as we age, it will no longer be nearly as proportionate or the same shape. The amount of change, along with the size and angle of your nose can be influenced by your ethnicity and heredity in conjunction to age. Studies have also indicated that even within the same hereditary/ethnic groups, the young tended to have a smaller nose than the older generation.[1]   The truth is, one of the biggest signs of aging is in fact, right in the middle of our face.

The answer to this question is, yes. Rhinoplasty can in fact reverse the signs of aging- so long as it pertains to your nose. Often, people overlook their nose when making a decision about how to tackle the issue of aging. Modern practitioners who specialize in rhinoplasty can correct this with outstanding results. Not only can certain procedures reduce the size of the nose back to where it was prior, doing so can also help to straighten a crooked or drooping nose.

While many are quick to move to face and lips, taking corrective action starting with your nose may be the best way to remove years from your face. The best way to find out if you are an ideal candidate for a procedure to combat age is to have a discussion with your surgeon. Chances are, if you’ve noticed an issue with your nose that has you concerned enough to prompt an inquiry, you very well may have your answer. Age affects everyone eventually, but with the capabilities that modern medicine has yielded, the old saying still stands- you’re only as old as you feel. Could it just be that looking younger really does make you feel younger? Only time will tell. Surgery to reduce the affects of aging aren’t about increasing the span of our lives, but improving the quality of our life while we live it- it’s choosing to live well, not just live longer.


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