Rhinophyma, also called “bulbous nose” or “phymatous rosacea,” is a rare skin disorder that can result in a nose that is large, swollen, red and bumpy. Sweat pores may also increase in size and oil glands may become more prominent while the layers of the skin may become thicker and even take on yellow or waxy appearance. These symptoms can be a major source of uncomfortableness and even anxiety for people, causing them to miss out on important events in their lives.

Rhinoplasty For Rhinophyma

The symptoms of rhinophyma develop slowly over several years. The exact cause of this skin disorder is not known, but it often occurs in people who suffer from severe rosacea (particularly those who are also in the later stages of this skin condition). Rosacea is a common and chronic skin condition that results in redness on the face, particularly on the cheeks or on and around the nose. Typically, rhinophyma can be diagnosed without any tests.

How To Treat Rhinophyma

Although the symptoms of rhinophyma come and go, it is important to seek treatment for rhinophyma as soon as you notice any symptoms because they can become more severe if they are not treated. With treatment, rhinophyma responds well.

Medication or surgery is generally used to treat rhinophyma. If rhinophyma is in the earliest stages, medication is often the first course of treatment. Surgery is also an option for those who have facial disfiguration, either reshaping the nose or removing additional tissue or reducing blood vessels. Surgically shaving the skin via a knife, dermabrasion (which takes off additional skin via a rotating tool) or laser are common techniques when it comes to treating rhinophyma with surgery.

Can Rhinoplasty Help With Rhinophyma?

Many people are under the impression that since rhinophyma affects the nose it can be treated with rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job.” However, generally speaking, rhinoplasty will not help to improve rhinophyma because rhinoplasty involves reshaping the structure of the nose underneath the skin (internally) while rhinophyma is a skin disease that is treated externally via the methods discussed above. In other words, you would not treat an external problem by doing internal surgery.

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