Case 380Hump Reduction, Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty – Case 342

This young lady’s nose Has several things that are typically requested with a rhinoplasty. Her tip is to round and wide, her nose is larger than desired for the size of her face and there is a small dorsal hump. Fortunately these changes are usually successful. She has had good improvement and her nose is more feminine. Perfection however cannot be obtained.

The following apocryphal story illustrates this. At the end of his illustrious career Dr. Jacques Joseph, often referred to as the father of modern rhinoplasty, was asked by one of his students how many of the 5000 rhinoplasties he had performed were perfect. After pausing for a long time, Dr. Joseph replied “five”.

These before and after photos show a typical result by the rhinoplasty surgeon Dr Oakley Smith from Toronto.

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