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This pleasant young woman had developed a twisted nose without a history or trauma. This is more common than people think. Small and minor injuries long forgotten can eventually result over several years in a crooked or bent looking nose. Correction of a crooked nose is one of the most difficult problems facial plastic surgeons face. For a nose to appear straight, several things must all be in alignment. If even one piece isn’t perfect, the result may be an improvement but unfortunately there will still be some crookedness remaining. In this case however the improvement was excellent. Although if looked at critically her nose isn’t perfectly straight, it has improved sufficiently that all but the most determined observer will fail to notice. In addition her nose was made straight on profile and was also reduced in overall size by de-projecting her tip towards her face. This degree of improvement in a crooked nose can be expected in approximately 70% of the time.

Rhinoplasty Before and After photos by Dr. Oakley Smith

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