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Open Rhinoplasty | Case 305

This young woman disliked her large bump but wanted her nose to appear natural after surgery. Her breathing was blocked from a severely deviated nasal septum. This crooked septum was all internal and there was no indication of it externally. This is the most frequent case. However, all possible combinations are possible. The result following surgery shows a slight reduction in her tip projection and the slightly creation of a curve to her profile. Although her overall size is only mildly reduced, with the large hump gone, her nose appears significantly smaller. Interestingly unlike the vast majority of nose jobs, she required slight widening of her bridge as it was excessively narrow pre-operatively. This can be best seen on her basal or worm’s eye view. Also one can see how the de-projection of her tip has caused her nostrils to widen. Again in her case this was beneficial, although in most people this is an unwanted consequence of tip de-projection.

Before and after rhinoplasty photos of a large hump removal rhinoplasty nose surgery by Dr Oakley Smith, a recognized rhinoplasty expert based in Toronto.

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