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Open Rhinoplasty | Case 288

This is a case of a revision rhinoplasty. If you look at the basal view preoperative photo, you will be able to see the stair-step columella incision. This is one of the two ways to make the open approach incision underneath the nose. The other way is to use what is called a reverse gullwing incision. These incisions are most commonly made by otolaryngologists or facial plastic surgeons, while the stair-step incision is usually made by plastic surgeons.
There have been a number of improvements made. Most are centred around her tip. The tip itself is slightly too wide and this has been narrowed. Also her columella hangs down slightly and this was raised. Finally her bridge was very slightly narrowed.

Looking from below, you can notice that her nostrils which before surgery we’re almost symmetric have unfortunately been made worse. Here is another example that surgery creates improvement but not perfection. In this case the issue created by surgery is fortunately seldom noticed by anyone.

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