Case Details

Rhinoplasty – Case 386

The most significant change in following this young woman’s rhinoplasty is the width of her base of her nose. This is best appreciated on her frontal and basil views. The Weir incisions at the sides of the nose have healed well. The skin in this area is thick and has multiple glandular elements both of which increase the probability of the scar not healing in a proper way.

Fortunately here the scar, although visible, is not recognizable and would not be noticed by others. However patients need to be aware that there is a small but significant probability around 3 to 5% that this scar will heal properly and will be recognized by others. There are limits to how narrow the base of the nose can be made as the nostrils start to become too round and sharp if performed too aggressively.

These before and after photos show a typical result by the rhinoplasty surgeon Dr Oakley Smith from Toronto.

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