Case Details

Open Rhinoplasty | Case 280

This lovely young woman had a previous nose job at laughter with a poor looking nose. There are several asymmetries that can be identified. The bridge of her nose is too narrow and is pinched in the middle third. She has bossae of her tip defining points, along with a hanging columella and an excessively projected tip. In addition the shape of her tip is too round and lacks definition.
Most revision surgeries are augmentation rhinoplasties. Cartilage is required to rebuild the nose. This example of revision surgery is an exception to that rule. Fortunately further reduction of her tip and raising of her columella could be done because of her thin skin.

She has had an excellent result. However as is often the case with thin skin and revision nose jobs injections I needed to achieve the last one or 2% improvement. The redness on her left bridge Is from a recent injection.

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