Case Details

Rhinoplasty – Case 283

This example shows the possible improvements of a nose with a wide poorly shaped tip and mild external deviation to her right.
The crookedness is due to the middle third of the nose. Here the plate of cartilage on her left side is depressed while on the right side it slightly bulges.

The bridge has been slightly lowered to create a gentle curve that softens the nose and feminizes it. There is also a slight reduction in the nose projection thereby creating a slightly smaller nose. The view from below shows narrowing off the nasal tip and slight narrowing of the nostrils. Although there is some improvement to her columella it still remains asymmetric as to the nostrils. This is another example of the fact nose jobs create improvement but never perfection.

These before and after photos show a typical result by the rhinoplasty surgeon Dr Oakley Smith from Toronto.

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