Case Details

Open Rhinoplasty | Case 297

This attractive young female rhinoplasty patient wanted her nasal tip to be more proportionate as she felt it was too wide and large. She also felt the base of her nose was wide. The focus of her nose job was to narrow the base of her nose along with her nasal tip.

The incisions used to perform these manoeuvres although visible are not easily recognized to the uninformed observer. The central incision across the fleshy part between her nostrils usually heals very well well the incisions at the side of her nose necessary to narrow the base can more frequently heal poorly.

The probability still remains low but not as low as the central incision. This is due to the quality of the skin found in this area as it is thick oily and has many skin glands. The more deep the crease is the more easily the incision can be hidden in the shadows.

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