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Open Rhinoplasty | Case 312

Our thirty something lovely young women has had chronic minor nose bleeds for many years. Additionally she is aware her nasal breathing is restricted on her left side. She wished for a small nose, no longer a bump and felt her tip was too wide. Surgery for nose bleeds is uncommon. However deviated septums can cause disturbances to the airflow inside the nose and set up conditions where the lining of the nose is made too dry. The lining cracks and bleeds. The cycle is repeated again and again to the point the lining never heals back to normal. Surgery can alter the flow of air and solve the problem as it did here. Surprisingly a small hole in her septum was found at the time of surgery. This was created by the chronic bleeding and crusting. From a shape perspective, her nose is slightly smaller, her profile now has a subtle curve, and her tip is narrower and slightly upturned. The overall look is her natural nose, just better.

Rhinoplasty before and after photos by Dr. Oakley Smith, a well liked rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto

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