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Rhinoplasty – Case 322

Our patient had a noticeable scar on her nose which she disliked a lot. At the same time she wanted her bump smoothed away, and her tip made narrower. Since her scar had to be excised, her surgery was done through this approach.
Scars are objectionable for many reasons. They can be depressed, raised, wide, or discolored. They can contract, pulling the skin and distorting facial anatomy. Once there is a scar, it can never go away. However scars can be made less recognizable.
Incisions can be placed in directions which reduce the risk of a poor outcome. The best direction on the nose is cross-wise. Fortunately although her scar is exactly the wrong direction, being in the midline is an advantage. To reduce the possibility of the scar widening, which is a risk here, she was told to tape the scar every day for the following three months.
These before and after photos are typical results from Dr. Oakley Smith.

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