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Rhinoplasty – Case 207

Our lovely young female patient wanted a smaller nose, a slight curve to her profile, her tip made more refined and the base of her nose narrowed.

Since her skin was thicker than average, the degree of tip de-projection and hence overall reduction in nasal size, was going to be negatively affected. At the time of her consultation, Dr Oakley Smith suggested two millimeters could likely be achieved 90% of the time. Likewise the degree of refinement or ‘sharpening’ of her tip was also going to be less.

At the time of surgery, fortunately her anatomy allowed three millimeters to be reduced towards her face. Also the degree of refinement of her tip was more significant than expected. Her tip was slightly rotated and also narrowed.

The base of her nose was narrowed by making incisions in the crease between her nostrils and cheek, which we call the alafacial groove. Unfortunately the skin in this area is thick and has lots of small glands. This compromises the healing process and unfortunately the incisions here are not as clean as one would wish. Therefore it’s important that narrowing the base of nose and nostrils really is needed and the groove is as deep as possible. Depending on the type of skin, these incisions can be noticeable in five to fifteen percent of the time. They are not well camouflaged by makeup.

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