Rhinoplasty refers to one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries around today: the nose job. This procedure is done to correct the form and function of the nose by altering it to improve look and performance. Both men and women can undergo rhinoplasty. It is a safe procedure that yields amazing results. However, there exists a difference between male and female rhinoplasty.

Is There A Difference Between Male Rhinoplasty And Female Rhinoplasty

What makes a female nose and what makes a male nose?

The look of our gender is expressed in our faces. Because of this, plastic surgeons need to have a great understanding of what makes someone look like a woman or a man. Although both men and women have the same facial features, the skeletal anatomy is different. This is what makes our features, especially our noses, have gender-specific qualities. The male nose is usually more prominent with a greater middle width, less rotated tip and straighter bridge. The female nose is more rotated than a male’s and the bridge is usually lower.

Rhinoplasty for men

Generally, women are more likely to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure; however, in recent years, more men have been opting to correct the appearance of their noses. When it comes to rhinoplasty for men, the overlaying skin of the nose is thicker, which will have an affect on the degree of alterations the surgery can produce. Furthermore, men tend to prefer a stronger, masculine appearance with angular noses. Regardless of what refinements you hope to achieve with your rhinoplasty procedure, your surgeon will discuss the surgery in detail with you before you have it done to ensure that you understand what the results will be.

Rhinoplasty for women

Women tend to prefer softer facial features, especially for their noses. Normally, when undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, women want to achieve a more narrow, less prominent nose with rounded contours. Moreover, women usually ask to remove the dorsal hump (the bone and cartilage that forms at the top of the nose), to create a more feminine and delicate looking nose. Nevertheless, your surgeon will discuss the details of your rhinoplasty procedure and explain the intricacies involved to make sure you comprehend what the results will be.

No matter your sex, you should visit a qualified surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. Although it is a completely safe procedure, you want your surgeon to understand the complexity of the surgery and how it differs for men and women.

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