The human body is an amazing thing. We get so used to our own skin that we often forget what a marvel we are.  Down to the last detail, there is so much complexity and even mystery regarding ourselves that we may never fully understand the intricacies of the human body. Speaking of details, there are probably some things about your nose you didn’t even know about. Turns out there is much more to it than just smelling, breathing and adding character and beauty to your face.

Identifiable profile

Did you know that scientists have identified at least 14 different types of human noses? Doctors studied images of well over a thousand types of noses and classified them into about 14 groups.  Factors such as the size and shape of your nose can be determined by the bone structure underneath, but ethnicity can also play a large role in the shape, size and overall appearance of your nose.[1]

One Trillion scents:

Did you know that a recent study discovered your nose can smell up to one trillion unique scents?  We have roughly about 400 scent receptors in our nose that help us accomplish this. Previously, it was thought that we could only determine around ten thousand different smells. [2]

Built in Humidifier and filter:

Your nose not only acts as an air filter to keep harmful particles out of your lungs, but also warms and conditions the air you breathe. This is particularly useful on frigid days when the cold air might cause harm to the rest of your body. The tiny hairs in your nose help keep debris out, such as sand and dirt. [3]

Women have a stronger sense of smell than men:

While it might seem a bot sexist, it is the truth. It is theorized that a number of factors cause this. The first one is that women associate scent with emotion and cognitive feelings, not just with perception.[4] Another study suggests that females have a stronger sense of smell is due to as much as 43% more olfactory receptors than men. No wonder why she always seems to smell when the food is burning on the stove before he does.[5]

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