The nose job cost, finding the best rhinoplasty specialist: these are things that people consider before making an appointment for a consultation. However, there’s more to it than that. In order to undergo nose job surgery, you also have to be a good candidate.

Are You A Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

To see if you’re eligible for a nose job, ask yourself the following questions.

Are you in good health?

To undergo a nose job you will need to be in good health. When you visit a rhinoplasty surgeon for your initial consultation, you will need to disclose any medications you’re taking, if you have any pre-existing conditions such as asthma, and if you have any allergies. This is not to say that if you have allergies, are asthmatic, or on medication that you are not in overall good health.

Do you smoke?

The best rhinoplasty specialist will tell you that smoking is a big no-no. When you smoke, your blood gets contaminated by nicotine and that makes healing take a lot longer. During the recovery period for your nose job, you’ll need to be smoke-free to allow for proper healing. When you smoke, it hinders the healing process and the wounds from your nose job will be at risk for scarring and infection. If you do smoke, your surgeon will tell you to quit at least two weeks before your procedure.

Are you the right age?

The best rhinoplasty specialist will not perform nose job surgery on anyone whose nose has not matured. Our noses don’t stop growing until we reach a certain age. Anyone who is younger than 16 is not a good candidate for rhinoplasty because there is a chance that their nose hasn’t stopped growing. Our noses experience a major growth period when we are in our teens, and undergoing rhinoplasty surgery before that period occurs is dangerous.

Do you have realistic expectations of what rhinoplasty surgery will achieve?

A nose job will create facial harmony, but it won’t make you rich and famous. It will restore your self-esteem, but it won’t change your life completely. Having realistic expectations for what your rhinoplasty surgery will achieve is an important part of candidacy. Even the best rhinoplasty specialist can’t give you the same nose as your favourite celebrity. Your surgeon will give you the ideal nose for your face, not someone else’s.

Will you be deterred by the nose job cost?

Whether you visit the best rhinoplasty specialist in your city or travel to another city, they will need to charge for their services. However, the nose job cost is probably the least of your worries if you’ve been unhappy with your nose your entire life. For many people, the nose job cost is a small price to pay, literally, for restored confidence and facial symmetry. Furthermore, the average price for rhinoplasty is less than other surgical procedures, and it can also help restore your breathing if you have problems with your nasal passages and correct a broken nose. It’s a win-win.

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