An increasing number of people are undergoing rhinoplasty, also referred to as a “nose job.” In fact, it is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. Whether you are are simply unhappy with your genes or you were in an accident or you have trouble breathing, rhinoplasty is something to consider. In fact, perhaps you have already undergone rhinoplasty and want to show off your new nose with a nose stud, but are wondering, how long do I need to wait?

How Long Should You Wait to Get a Nose Stud After Rhinoplasty?

It is important to consult your plastic surgeon before you get your nose pierced. In general, healing needs to be complete before you get your nose pierced and your doctor will be able to assess how much your nose has healed. You may be able to help your healing process along with the following tips you will find below. You will certainly want to wait for your sutures to be removed or to have dissolved, and for any swelling and bruising to go away.

As a general timeline, however, you can expect to wait at least several months after rhinoplasty before getting a nose stud, as you need time for healing and for swelling to subside. Of course, depending on your particular type of surgery and how fast your body heals, the length of time will vary. In general, it is recommended that you wait a minimum of three months before you get your nose pierced after rhinoplasty, but you still need to consult your doctor first. Getting a nose stud too soon could mean putting yourself at risk for infection and could compromise your results.

How to Heal Quickly After Rhinoplasty
  • Follow Your Post-Op Instructions Carefully

    Not following your post-op instructions can increase the risk that you will get an infection, which naturally slows down the healing process. In order to promote healing, follow your doctor’s instructions very carefully.

  • Stay Healthy

    This means you should eat a healthy diet of wholesome foods and omit or limit processed foods. Limit caffeine and avoid alcohol and smoking.

  • Get Enough Rest

    Sleep is crucial to a fast recovery. Ensure that your life is order so that you do not stress yourself out during your recovery process.

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