You finally decided to go ahead and get that rhinoplasty procedure to sort out what had always bothered you. Congratulations! That’s the first step in finally becoming fully comfortable with your appearance.

Post-Op Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

The question now is, how do you get through the recovery process? Recovering from rhinoplasty is not particularly daunting, more of an inconvenience than anything. However, it is important you do what you can to aid and speed the process.

Basic tips

First and foremost, you will have to refrain from blowing your nose for a while. Usually a two week period will suffice. This can be a little difficult for patients to remember to resist the urge to blow their nose, but it is very important.

Another basic, but important, tenet of rhinoplasty recovery pertains to eye glasses. You should keep to using contact lenses while your nose recovers as much as possible.

While your splint is on for the first week, you can wear your glasses over it. After it is removed, contrary to most other surgeons, I believe there’s no contradiction to wearing glasses. Just remember they will leave footprints where there is swelling. This is unimportant and temporary. The swelling returns in a matter of minutes to hours.


While your nose recovers, you should refrain from engaging in exercise or working out. Actions that move your body around vigorously causes increased heart rate and therefore blood flow which results in more swelling.y. After the first month you can ease back into your exercise routine, but avoid any sports or activities in which you might acquire any facial impact for at least three months.

Furthermore diving can move your nose around while it’s recovering, so that’s forbidden also for a month. However swimming, even in chlorinated pools is fine. In fact somewhat helpful as the humidity at the water level is 100% and good for a post operative nose.

Additional tips

During the recovery period, try to avoid foods that require a lot of chewing. Similarly, don’t brush your teeth vigorously, either, and avoid pulling clothing over your head as much as you can.

You should not smoke for two weeks before and after the surgery. In fact this is an excellent time to quit since you’re already have stopped for a month! Smiling wide and laughing hard a lot are also not advisable for a while. As negative as that may sound, remember that recovery is a short period and you can laugh as hard and smile as wide and beautifully as you want once your new-look nose has set.

As always, everybody’s nose is different as are their preferences. To learn more, you can book a consultation with Dr. Oakley Smith here.

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