It is generally not recommended to have any surgical procedure when pregnant because you risk harming the baby. In fact, it is not advisable to have general anaesthesia and any kind of surgery when pregnant, and most surgeons agree that undergoing cosmetic surgery while pregnant endangers the baby’s health.

Pregnancy After Rhinoplasty

It is best to wait a few months after delivery to have rhinoplasty procedure. Similarly, it is not safe to get pregnant immediately after a nose surgery.

Wait until your post-surgery medications are finished

Many surgeons claim that pregnancy does not interfere with nasal healing following a rhinoplasty procedure. And you can get pregnant as soon as you have stopped taking any medication prescribed after the nose surgery, or as advised by your Obstetrician/Gynaecologist physician. Other surgeons claim that pregnancy should not affect the result of rhinoplasty after 4-6 months.

That said, the ‘wait time’ to get pregnant after a nose surgery depends on your personal healing process and the medications you’re taking. Rhinoplasty surgeons typically prescribe an antibiotic and pain medication, which are two powerful medications that should not be in the body system when trying to get pregnant.

To be on the safe side, wait an additional week after you’re finished with your medications before you can start planning your pregnancy.

Other factors to consider

Right after the surgery, you will also have to nurse a number of symptoms, some of which will probably distract you from the idea of getting pregnant or even intimate with your partner. After rhinoplasty:

  • Your nostrils will be tender to touch
  • You might feel unwell – possibly with a headache
  • You will have to sleep with your head inclined
  • There will be discomfort from the cast and packing on your nose
  • There will be discomfort that interferes with your breathing
  • There might be some pain when your cast is removed
  • There will be noticeable bruising and swelling around the nose/eyes for some weeks/months

You can have rhinoplasty a few months after delivery provided you are physically and emotionally ready for an elective procedure. Though breastfeeding can be done after the operation, you will be under medication, and narcotics pass through breast milk for the first few days. So, lactating patients should prepare by pumping and storing breast milk for the duration recommended by their OB/GYN.

That said, bringing up a child can be an overwhelming experience for first-time mothers, so it might not be wise to add the stress of recovering from a cosmetic surgery. From a medical point of view, many doctors recommend that lactating mothers don’t take certain medications that may make their way into breast milk and into the baby. There are very many medications that fit this category and should be avoided.

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