As of 2012, Rhinoplasty has officially been named the most popular plastic surgery procedure[1]. With the outstanding number of procedures being performed, it begs the question as to why. Why would so many people elect to a surgical reshaping of the nose? The answer to this question may prove to be a bit more than just a concern for the physical appearance of the face. It is about emotion, not just appearance.

A properly shaped nose can enhance the rest of the face

Part of what a nose does, is act as a focal point for the rest of the face. When there are flaws or misalignments in the nose, it can make the rest of the face appear off balanced. Often, when a nose has a severe deformity or unusual characteristic, it may become a distraction from other facial features.

Often, much of what is affected is our emotional sense of self. While others may not take an issue with a less than statuesque nose, it may feel like a distraction to the person adorned with it. Much of what surgeons seek to do is restore personal esteem and self-image. Even if outwardly there appears to be little wrong with the nose, perception will always take precedence[2].

Many surgeries are corrective, not just cosmetic.

Many nose related surgeries are to repair a malady with the nose, such as breathing issues, repairing damage and enhancing function. Often people may lose certain functions of their nose after a severe injury, such as an accident or a break. In these cases, it may require corrective surgery to repair the damage and restore the nose to its original state if possible- not modify it from it’s original state.

Given that our face is the most prominent part of our body, and how other people will form an initial impression, and the fact that our nose is one of the most important features of our face, there really isn’t a huge mystery as to why rhinoplasty is continually a contender for the most performed surgery[3]

It’s about quality of life

When is comes to our sense of self worth, even if the change is minor, is always a worthy cause. What may seem as a trivial procedure to some may be an improvement in the quality of life for others. In a world that places increasing importance on first impressions, feeling good in our own skin can have a lasting impact on the rest of our lives. When it comes to quality of life, it is very personal, and no one else decides what makes us feel beautiful on the inside.




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