Rhinoplasty Surgery Appointment

Rhinoplasty Surgery Appointment

Rhinoplasty Surgery Appointment with Dr. Oakley Smith

We are very excited to schedule a consultation with you! But before you fill out the form, please read the paragraph below to learn of our rates and our approach.

There is a non-refundable cosmetic consultation fee of $250. This fee is credited back to you when you schedule your rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Oakley. This fee covers the thorough consultation process that has been crafted to give you the best experience. Also, our no-pressure approach supports our fee structure, because at this point, our only mandate is to offer you the very best advice possible so you can make an educated decision.

Of course, we would love for you to ultimately choose Dr. Oakley as your rhinoplasty procedure, but booking that operation is not our main goal during your consultation.To gain a better understanding of our consultations, click here.

Please use the form below to arrange an appointment to meet with Dr. Oakley Smith.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Excellent doctor

Dr. Oakley Smith is a great doctor! I had a few consults with different ENTs/Plastic Surgeons, and I chose Dr. Smith to do a revision rhinoplasty for me due to his vast expertise, ability to listen and feedback on what the achievable goals were and his professional demeanor...

I can finally breathe!

Dr. Smith is truly amazing. I went to him after spending 20+ years not being able to breathe properly due to a deviated septum. He explains everything very clearly and is very patient in addressing all questions and concerns...

Revision Rhinoplasty

I decided to start searching for other surgeons, which is how I stumbled upon Dr Oakley Smith. I'm so happy we have someone like him in Toronto. If you have a complicated case like me or if you have a simple case and are looking for good results, I have no hesitation recommending him...

Amazing Doctor!

I had rhinoplasty a little over a week ago with dr oakley smith. I'm only 9 days post op and I'm so happy with the results already. I looked at numerous doctors and I'm so happy I went with dr smith. rhinoplasty isn't something you want to cheap out with! ...

Beyond Expectations

Dr. Oakley Smith is an amazing and very skilled surgeon. He went above and beyond exceeding my already high expectations. People often describe me as a perfectionist and I am very happy with the way he was able to transform my nose...

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